Method Man Has A Pretty Good Reason For Calling The Wu-Tang Album 'F--kin' Stupid'

Meth clears the air.

When Method Man recently heard about RZA's rollout plan for Wu-Tang Clan's upcoming Once Upon A Time in Shaolin album, he was not pleased: "That sh-t is f--ckin’ stupid," he said.

Now, Meth isn't claiming that he was misquoted, but does say that he was mislead in the interview where he gave that quote.

See, it turns out the album won't be allowed to be sold commercially for 88 years -- not that no one will be able to hear it for that lengthy span.

"The information that she gave me was that no one would be able to hear this album for 88 years," Meth told HuffPost Live, in reference to the interview he did with XXL. "I'm like, 'Really? What? I don't know what's going on.'"

"She took advantage of that by giving half information," he continued. "So be it. I live by the quote. I said it. It's there. But what happened to the other eight minutes of the interview about 'The Cobbler,' and other things I was doing, as far as the business? That portion of the interview went up no later than two hours after I said it."

Still, Meth feels like there wouldn't have been a breakdown in communication had he and RZA been on the same page.

"If RZA had been on point keeping us in the loop on the album, that probably would never have happened," he said.

The intra-Wu tension over a project is nothing new, though. RZA and Raekwon, in particular, went back-and-forth a few times over A Better Tomorrow, which ended up being released late last year. Rae cited "creative differences," which sparked RZA to give his groupmate an ultimatum.

Ultimately, they got on the same page. Watch them explain how that happened below.

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