DMX Vows Nobody Will Ever Kick His Ass Again

Rapper says he's holding his own in movie fight scenes now.

DMX said he took a different approach while filming his latest movie, "Cradle 2 the Grave" -- he didn't let anybody whip his butt.

In last year's "Exit Wounds," Steven Seagal "was kind of finishing me," X said, "but it's not even like that [this time]. I be f---ing n---as up and everything in this movie. Everybody else gets their ass kicked."

Everybody except for his co-star Jet Li. The two briefly face-off onscreen before teaming up in the picture, which hits theaters in March.

"Quick fight," X nonchalantly explained of their fight sequence. "He hit me a couple, I hit him a couple of times. You ain't gonna be whoopin' my ass now. It ain't that serious."

Despite X's growls, the Yonkers bone crusher said he's becoming more serious about honing his thespian and choreographed pugilist skills.

"I'm the jewel thief," X said of his character in "Cradle 2 the Grave." "I steal something that's not quite jewelry. It looks like diamonds, but it turns out to be plutonium. So it's like a lot of international smuggling sh--. They kidnap my daughter.

"I personally think I did a lot better in the fight scenes. I got more into it. When sh-- is given to you mad easily, you're like, 'F--- it, I got it easy. I'm'a just do whatever these n---as see me doing.' I realized the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. If I can look good half-ass trying, imagine what it would look like if I put my all into it. If I do this sh-- for real.

"Ain't no more half-stepping with it," he continued. "No more bullsh--in' with it. Everything depends on how we look at it. [I] look at it like, 'This is a job, and the better I perform, the more work I get, the more money I get."

The dog is steadily climbing up to that A-list $20 million price range. He's almost halfway there, thanks to the lucrative world of motion pictures.

"I can sell 5 million albums and only get a half a million dollars. One movie, I'm up to like $8 million. It's less headaches, and they actually treat you with respect in the film industry. In the music industry, you're just another n---a who can rap or just another n---a who can sing. That's how they treat you, that's how they dispose of you. 'Oh, we got another one here. Forget about him, we got another one just like him.' They always got another one just like you."

Much to his chagrin, X said the producers of the long-talked-about "Lazarus," which was supposed to be the latest installment on the "Crow" franchise, echoed those sentiments. But when they tried to pair him with another multiplatinum hip-hop star turned actor, he backed out of the part.

"You know what it was? They wanted to do it where there's two Crows," he said. "They wanted Eminen to be the other Crow. I'm like, 'C'mon, man. You're not breaking this guy off my back. [Let Em] get his own movie first.' It's bad enough I'm a rap artist getting into acting -- you gonna make it worse? It was his first joint. Don't do me like that. Then, [what if we find out] he can't act and I'm all f---ed up on some B-movie sh--?"

So if you don't see eye-to-eye with people producing your films, what do you do? Produce your own films. The $8 million man said he's developing a script through his own Bloodline Films.

"Under my film company, we got a joint called '12 Minutes,' " he revealed. "I'm a father, I have a son, but I never met him. I'm on death row, and the last day before they execute you, you get a visit by the pastor and you get a little time with your wife and your mom. On this last day I get to meet my son. We get an hour or so to say hello and goodbye. It's gonna be some deep sh--, a lot of flashbacks of what it took to get me in this position."