'Invader Zim' Will Invade Nickelodeon Again In An All-New TV Movie

Zim and GIR are back!

Invader Zim and GIR touched down on Earth more than 15 years ago, and now they're returning to Nickelodeon at long last. The cult TV series is getting an all-new TV movie, with original creator Jhonen Vasque on board. This couldn't come at a better time; now we don't have to sing the “Doom Song” anymore. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

According to a Nickelodeon press release, the Invader Zim film “will show the latest and greatest ridiculous attempt at world domination by the universe’s worst alien invader ever.” Even better, original voice actors will be reprising their roles.


Invader Zim

As of now, Richard Horvitz (Zim), Rosearik Rikki Simons (GIR), Andy Berman (Dib), and Melissa Fahn (Gaz) have all signed on to the project. The movie will continue Zim's never-ending quest to gain approval from his Irken leaders, the Almighty Tallest. Fingers crossed we get to see more of Zim harvesting kids' organs, because that was simply classic.

This TV movie is the third animated revival for Nickelodeon, the other two being Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie and the Rocko's Modern Life TV special. We are LIVING for this nostalgia overload.

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