Finally — More People Will Benefit From H&M's Fair Wage Program

Thanks to films like "The True Cost" and John Oliver's segment on fast fashion, we've become more aware of where our clothes come from and how they're made--unfortunately, the truth is not pretty. The good news is that because of all this media attention, brands that are being accused of treating factory workers poorly might finally have to step up their game.

One of those brands, H&M, which was featured in "The True Cost," is increasing their Fair Wage program to more factories in places like Cambodia and Bangladesh. The program will increase wages for factory workers and, as a result, hopefully improve conditions, productivity, and unrest within the factories.

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While it hasn't been confirmed whether this will increase prices for us, paying a few extra dollars for a sweater you'll only wear once so that the people who made it can live off their wages seems like a more than fair trade off.

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