Every Megan Fox Movie Ever, Ranked

The Fantastic Miss Fox.

Megan Fox has been out of the public eye for a few years after being as in the public eye as anyone could be the few years before that. She burst into stardom after the first "Transformers," but while often being seen as a go-to female blockbuster lead, she's made some interesting choices along the way.

It's all led back to another tentpole turn, this time as April O'Neil in the new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie. And while it remains to be seen where that movie will rank in the pantheon of Fox's movies, how does the rest of her resume stack up?

11. "Jonah Hex," Lilah


Megan Fox wears a bustier in "Jonah Hex," which is perhaps the only thing watchable about "Jonah Hex."

10. "Passion Play," Lily Luster

Mickey Rourke, who starred in "Passion Play," called it "Another terrible movie," though he did say Fox was one of the best leading ladies he's worked with. So that's something.

9. "Whore," Lost

It's a real movie, though it barely got a release. Fox would probably rather we forget about this one -- though, to be fair, it's probably better than "Jonah Hex."

Also, don't google this one, kids.

8. "Bad Boys II," Stars-and-Stripes Bikini Kid Dancing Under Waterfall

Fox's first role for Michael Bay actually wasn't as Mikaela in the "Transformers" films, but in an uncredited role in the action-packed "Bad Boys" sequel -- a part she talks about in this interview with Jay Leno.

7. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," Mikaela


Megan Fox's role in the huge sequel starts her off in the most uncomfortable faux-sexy pose known to man (above), in an effort to top her memorable introduction in the first "Transformers" (which we'll get to later).

6. "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," Carla

Fox's first major big-screen part was as Carla in Lindsay Lohan's "Mean Girls" followup. Carla is essentially a Regina George wannabe who makes Lohan's character's life miserable. The movie did give us some great GIFs, including the one above, which we're going to laugh about for a few hours.

5. "How To Lose Friends and Alienate People," Sophie Maes

Alternate title: "How To Lose Money and Alienate Audiences." Fox never got much to do in this one, a movie that should've been much better than it turned out. Yet the movie continued her transition into an actress with more comedic sensibilities, though she still hadn't quite stripped off her sexpot image.

See what we mean?

4. "Transformers," Mikaela

"Transformers" broke Fox into the mainstream, immediately turning her into a household name and international sex symbol. She went on to garner an MTV Movie Award nomination for "Best Breakthrough Performance," while FHM declared her the Sexiest Woman of 2008. She was somehow both the unattainable ideal and the girl next door in the movie, which she did a great job pulling off.

3. "Friends With Kids," Mary Jane

While Fox has been typecast as the big-budget sex symbol, she's actually started to show some comedic range, beginning in "Friends With Kids," a solid comedy which features Fox in a supporting role as a young actress who dates the recently divorced Adam Scott. Fox's performance is funny and has more layers than you'd expect from her character.

2. "Jennifer's Body," Jennifer

This is Fox's absolute craziest role to date: the titular Jennifer in "Jennifer's Body." The horror-comedy was Diablo Cody's followup to "Juno," and while it's sometimes too clever for its own good, it makes up for that by giving zero f--ks, with wall-to-wall blood, gore, and one-liners. It's the ultimate B-movie, and hopefully finds some love as a cult classic.

As for Fox herself, she's perfect in the movie, transforming from semi-nice popular girl Jennifer to the ultimate she-devil, all while sending up her sex appeal and delivering a funny, sexy and at times scary performance.

1. "This Is 40," Desi

Fox really came out of her shell (turtle pun intended) with her supporting role in Judd Apatow's latest relationship comedy, as the young woman who works in Leslie Mann's clothing store. Desi starts out as the stereotypical hot girl who serves as an object of jealousy and lust among the film's older characters (the above GIF has Mann grab her breasts, while commenting on how firm they are), but reveals herself to be much more later in the film.

Fox's performance is a bit airheaded but incredibly sincere, and the actress perfects the comedic timing she showed in a few of her previous roles. We don't know how funny April O'Neil is, but Megan Fox should absolutely seek out more comedic roles, because as much as she is known for being a blockbuster sexpot, she might be a more talented comedienne.

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