Future Compares Atlanta Rapper To A 'Baby Momma' After $10 Million Lawsuit

Hopefully these guys can patch things up

For years, Future and Rocko had a working and personal relationship. The results were tracks like "U.O.E.N.O." and "Watch Dis," plus plenty of kind words expressed publicly.

"We started hanging out, just kicking it -- it wasn't even on no rap shit or whatever -- and we like brothers ever since," Future said in a 2011 interview. These days, though, that brotherly love and collaborative relationship seems to have dissolved.

According to TMZ, Rocko is suing Future for more than $10 million. Rocko claims that he signed Future to a six-album deal on his A1 Recordings in 2011, but the Dirty Sprite 2 rapper later signed a side deal with Epic Records. Rocko alleges that he's owed 25 percent of the multimillion-dollar advances Future got from Epic, as well as 20 percent of earnings from touring and endorsements.

When news of the suit broke, Future took to Twitter to respond, jokingly comparing Rocko to a "baby momma" hitting him up for money.

Rocko then addressed those comments with a wink, assuring Future that he planned to let the lawyers handle it like a certain unnamed "old homie" once advised.

Hopefully these guys can patch things up and make some more memorable music.

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