All Saints Talk Spice Girls And Methods Of World Domination

In the midst of an American tour and with one member expecting a child, the All Saints are once again blurring the lines of distinction between themselves and the U.K.'s most popular music export, the Spice Girls.

The comparisons between the two groups have dogged All Saints since the band released its self-titled debut back in March, but as the girls recently told MTV News, they don't care much for the global assault to fame and fortune favored by that other all-female group.

It's not aimed for us," Natalie Appleton said, "It's not aimed for us, and we're nothing like them, are we Mel?

We're not out for world domination or anything like that," added vocalist Melanie Blatt, [article id="1438277"]"we sing our songs and we enjoy what we do. And if somebody enjoys that as well, then fine -- they buy our record. [400k QuickTime][/article] We're not out for some big marketing thing where we're gonna clean up everywhere we go and make loads

of cash Although we do want to make cash, it's not in the same sort of vein.

In related news, the recent bout of fame afforded the group by it's Top Five hit, [article id="1438278"]"Never Ever," [400k QuickTime][/article] has also brought the All Saints some new legal problems.

The group is being sued by two songwriters who claim that they penned the song with the Saints' Shaznay Lewis in 1996, but were never credited for their work, and Lewis has said she intends to fight the songwriters' claim. No word yet on when that case may come to trial, but we'll keep you posted.