Travis Scott’s VMA Performance Was A Thrilling Theme Park Adventure


Chaotic, psychedelic, and captivating, Travis Scott's 2018 MTV Video Music Awards performance transported viewers to his vision of Astroworld. The Houston rapper began his set performing "Stargazing" as he traveled through a rollercoaster car emblazoned with the phrase, "Look Mom I can fly." His heavily processed vocals perfectly matched the kaleidoscope flair of the visual filter. Then before the havoc truly began the camera panned to James Blake as he performed "Stop Trying To Be God," backed by a choir. However, his angelic falsetto only slowed the anarchy down for a moment.

Before audiences knew what happened, La Flame triumphantly emerged from the mouth of an inflatable golden head made in his image. He then rocketed into performing "Sicko Mode." Flanked by a crew of dancers, Scott bounded across the stage like a man on a mission.

The theme park-inspired performance is based off Six Flags AstroWorld, which a young Travis visited as a child. In an interview with MTV News, Scott described what the park meant to him growing up.

"At first it didn't really set in stone what they was actually doing to the city until I was older," Travis explained. "I was like, 'Woah, we actually don't have this place,' when I wanted to go back when I was like 18 or something. It's like wow we don't have it. That's when it hit me. "

Scott's Astroworld medley isn't the first time he performed at the VMAs. Last year, he surprised fans by joining Thirty Seconds to Mars to perform, "Butterfly Effect." Although, this year it's safe to say he held his own as the main attraction.

The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards air live tonight on MTV from Radio City Music Hall at 9 p.m. ET/PT.