The Guys Of '13 Reasons Why' Confess Their Favorite Selena Gomez Jam

It’s quite a variety

Selena Gomez's haunting acoustic version of "Kill Em With Kindness" sets the perfect tone for the new Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, which she produced. Gomez also performs "Only You" on the series' official soundtrack, but star Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) prefers a different Gomez jam. "'Me & the Rhythm,' hands down the best Selena song. So good," he recently told the Associated Press on the red carpet during the show's L.A. premiere.

Other cast members, including Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker) and Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley), also shared their faves — and Prentice even said that "Love You Like a Love Song" was stuck in his head during "the entire audition process." It's nice to know the villainous Bryce actually does have a soul. Check out the video below.

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