The First Teaser For Amy Poehler's 'Difficult People' Will Make You Hangry

Fair Warning: You'd better go ahead and swallow your drink before you watch this.

If you thought the one-two punch combo of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey was a pure laugh riot, well, you were right. But just wait 'til you get a load of Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner together.

The two star in the new Poehler-produced Hulu comedy "Difficult People," and if you had any questions about the meaning of the series' title, well, this first teaser should serve to sew that seam right up.

Eichner and Klausner, whom Poehler has affectionately referred to as "the funniest around," star in the series as a pair of NYC BFFs who aspire to be comics and thus take their never-ending back-and-forth-ing to every stage life has to offer. Including, as shown in the preview clip, a funeral, which is the perfect platform for their ridiculous complaints about the lack of suitable cuisine in the area, right? Silence schmilence.

Per Poehler, the show is built upon a foundation of this exact brand of Eichner-Klausner banter -- a case of art imitating life. "That’s how they talk — they just joke and joke and joke and joke and joke," she said. We can already tell this one's going to be absolutely hilarz - not that we'd expect anything less from Poehler and her fellow Upright Citizens Brigade alums.

The show will debut with an eight-episode run on Hulu Aug. 5. Go ahead and pencil that into your calendar.

PS: Now we really want a CLIF bar. Anyone have one?