50 Cent Calls Ja Rule's Talk With Farrakhan 'A Promotional Stunt'

He claims invitation to take part in discussion was insincere.

"It's tired," 50 Cent said last week about the back-and-forth beef between him and Ja Rule.

The MC with the protruding pecs proclaimed he's done making records about his longtime foe, but don't expect to see them sharing turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving.

"Everybody out there knows I don't like him and he doesn't like me," 50 lamented. "I'm not stuck on him. I just made an entire album [Beg for Mercy] and didn't mention him. I gotta move on. If you pick up his album [Blood in My Eye], it's about 10 references [to me] on 10 of the songs. The success I'm having is eating at him.

"I would never speak on Ja Rule if the [media] didn't ask me about him," he continued. "In the music business you're only as hot as the material you put out, and his material ain't hot. He sucks right now."

Ja Rule On 50 Cent, God And Hip-Hop

Rule sat down with Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan in late October to discuss a possible resolution to his strife with 50 (see [article id="1480146"]"Ja Rule On 50 Cent, God And Hip-Hop"[/article]). The conversation between the two -- which included Ja's recounting of his war of words and physical altercations between himself and his number-one rap foe -- aired November 3 on MTV and BET, one day before the release of Blood in My Eye.

50 said he was extended an offer by Murder Inc. to participate in the sit-down, but he found the invitation to be insincere.

"When they set up the time to have that meeting, I wasn't notified until that meeting was already in progress," 50 explained. "[Murder Inc.] was already in Chicago when they reached out to me. It wasn't planned for me to be there until after the fact."

50 said no one from the Nation of Islam has reached out to him since the interview aired, but he wouldn't mind meeting with Minister Farrakhan because he felt the Muslim leader legitimately wanted to help solve the conflict. There is no way, however, that he will ever have a heart-to-heart with Ja.

"I'm not interested in it," he scoffed. "I feel [Ja's interview with Farrakhan] was a promotional stunt. When I sat there and I was watching it, in the middle of it, the break comes and here comes a commercial for his album. His album actually came out seven hours later. That wasn't an attempt to bring any type of peace. You hear the records that are being released at the same time on the street, I can't see you putting that out and you feeling the same way you say you felt with Minister Farrakhan."

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