48 Other Sufjan Stevens CDs I Hope To Find Inside His Dumpster

If the supposedly unreleased <i>Stalker</i> is real, I hope these are too

On Wednesday (July 6), a Reddit user relayed a surprising message: He had found an apparently abandoned Sufjan Stevens CD titled Stalker in a dumpster in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood. Based on the CD's insert, which bears the copyright note "© 1998 Asthmatic Kitty Records," the user -- later revealed to be Texas musician Marc Rebillet -- surmised that "as far as I know, I don't think it's ever been released."

Is this a hoax on Rebillet's part? Some kind of viral marketing ploy to sell more Sufjan tickets, as Asthmatic Kitty's John Beeler theorized on Reddit? Who can say?

One thing is certain, though: If we're to believe that this dumpster is really a treasure trove of "[h]undreds, maybe thousands of CDs ... Seven Swans, The Age of Adz, Christmas albums, track stems from his mixes, dozens of copies of each," as Rebillet told Stereogum in an interesting interview on Thursday, then there's a chance the 48 lost Sufjan albums we really want to hear are buried in there, too. You know the ones.

1. Delaware: First (State in the Union) is the Worst

2. William Penn & His Woodland Creatures Invite You to Visit ... Pennsufvania

3. New Jersey, Land of Devils, I Am Sorry For Leaving You So Soon

4. Biting Into the Georgia Giant Peaches & Hoping For the Best

5. Connect, I Cut & the Tale of All My Steady Habits

6. Massachusetts, You'll Be a Commonwealth Soon

7. The New Adventures of Old Maryland, the Little America

8. Not Even the Ardent Rebels of South Carolina Could Break My Devotion For You, My Palmetto Love

9. In New Hampshire I Will Live Free or Die One Thousand Beautiful Deaths

10. Sic Semper Tyrannis, And Thus Always to the Old Dominion of Coastal Virginia

11. New York Episode V: The Empire State Strikes Back!

12. How I Long to Fly Over North Carolina As the Wright Brothers, Those Damned Fools, Once Did

13. Enlarged to Show Size: The Fiercest Tale of Fierce Rhode Island, the Ocean State

14. Ethan Allen & the Green Mountain Boys Will One Day Have Their Vermontazuma's Revenge

15. Amid Lands of Blue Grass & Sweet Revelry I Made a Quiet Home in Kentucky

16. Oh Tennessee, I Volunteer Myself to Thee Eternally

17. Sufjan Stevens Invites You to Say Oh, Hi-o! to Ohio, the Heart of It All

18. America Has Two Feet But Only One Wears the Mighty Boot That is Louisiana

19. For Those At a Dark Crossroads In Their Hearts, Indiana Is There As a Beacon

20. One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi, Four

21. Into Alabama, the Heart of Dixie & Belly of This Great National Whale, I Go

22. Down on Maine Street, It is Always Vacationland

23. There's No Need to Say You're Ssouri in Missouri

24. Ark Can Saw (Sure, Let's Do It Phonetically For a Change)

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2015 Newport Folk Festival - Day 2

25. At the Foot of This Mighty Ocean, Sandy and Half-Buried, I Lift My Head and Turn My Clasped Eyes Toward the Florida Sunshine

26. If All Heavenly Bodies Are Big & Bright & Together, Why Is Texas (Still) the Lone Star?

27. Iowa, Giver of Corn and Heartland of Thumping Might, Pray For Us

28. All the Cheese of the Field Will Clap Their Hands: It's Wisconsin!

29. Sufjan Stevens's Great California Adventure, Or How to Stop Worrying & Love Long Lines

30. Minnesota, of the Cloudy Water I Gorge My Throat With Pure Songs to You

31. She Flies With Her Own Wings Into the Vast Treed Ground of Oregon

32. Out of Kansas, Into the Great Sunflower Fields of Mankind

33. Rolling Westward Through the Mountains Again, We Break Our Vows of Silence to Gape & Vocally Exhale at the Beauty of West Virginia

34. Nevada, Or Onto the Crimson Roulette Wheels of Fate I Toss My Life at the Foot of the Great Neon Beast

35. Not the Bruce Springsteen Album Nor the Academy Award–Nominated Bruce Dern Film But Rather an Album of My Own Making, Nebraska

36. One Hundred Years in the Making, Colorado Surges Into Our Collective Veins Like Raw Sugar

37. Dakota, Part One: Looking North as the Sky Dances Down in Single Drops, Lightly Pelting Our Coats

38. Dakota, Part Two: Sliding Southbound Into the Bloodless Eyes of Four Stone Gods

39. More Songs About Montanas and Food

40. General Washington Walks West and We All Follow

41. Let Our Love Be Perpetual in the Bright Mercy of Every Shimmering Gemstone in Idaho

42. Them Cheyenne Cowboys Never Did Make It As Far As They'd Hoped: A Wyoming Short Story

43. In Utah, Land of Salt & Devotion, I Listen As the Wind Rattles the Absent Sea

44. Out of the Geographical Frying Pan & Into the Metaphorical Fire Sings Oklahoma

45. New Mexico, Enchanted Land, I Have Given You All My Soul, Now Howl With All Your Strength With Me Into the Night

46. Here We Are Once Again in the Deserts of Arizona, Where God Enriches, Softly Crying But Stronger Than Ever Before

47. North: The Ghost of Chris McCandless & Sarah Palin Slow Dance Atop the Largest Alaskan Glacier on Planet Earth

48. Enjoy Your Aloha (Hawaii)

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