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'Hannah Montana: The Movie' Shifts Release Date. Film Set To Open April 10, 2009

The spirit to move must be infectious.

According to the press release, "Hannah Montana: The Movie" has shifted its release date up three weeks from May 1, 2009 to April 10, 2009, where it will now compete for box-office glory against anime adaptation "Dragonball" and the Seth Rogen / Anna Farris comedy "Observe and Report." It was previously set to go head to head against the man with the adamanteum skull: "Wolverine."

Interestingly, however, while the move gives Miley plenty of breathing room before the comic movie onslaught, it also puts her in much more direct competition against another Disney Channel favorite. Zac Efron, whose post "High School Musical" career began in earnest this past month with festival screenings of "Me and Orson Wells," continues his run with "17 Again." That film opens the following week, April 17.

We can't decide, so we’ll throw it out to you: If you could see only one movie that week, would it be Miley and "Hannah Montana" or Zac and "17 Again"? Things to consider: Miley still has a television show to fall back on. Efron has a wink. Sound off on your thoughts below.