Lady Gaga Steals Spotlight At Cannes Film Festival

Singer performs 'Judas' live for French TV show 'Le Grand Journal.'

If anyone could divert attention from the A-listers at the Cannes Film Festival, it's [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist]. On Wednesday night, the pop star touched down at the festival to perform a waterfront concert on the Riviera for the French TV show "Le Grand Journal."

Before the live event, Gaga took to the streets of Cannes wearing a studded leather vest with "Born This Way" emblazoned on the back. She completed the look with a choker, bra and a two-toned hairstyle.

Gaga then took the stage for a live performance of her hit single "Judas." With the Mediterranean as her backdrop, Gaga treated thousands of fans to a memorable, high-energy performance, accompanied by a retinue of male dancers.

Check out photos of Lady Gaga's performance in Cannes.

"It's beautiful; it's very, very busy, but it's really nice to be here." Gaga told the adoring crowd. "It was so lovely performing with the ocean. I would've liked to have jumped in after the performance!"

Wearing a gold-embellished ensemble, a red hood and the same black-and-white hairstyle, Gaga explained the inspiration behind her look to host Michel Denisot.

"I was really obsessed with religious imagery and fashion for the 'Judas' video," Gaga said. "I've been wearing very romantic, very biblical arrangements, and I always throw in some punk rock for good measure."

Gaga, who served as guest [article id="1663725"]mentor on this week's "American Idol,"[/article] is appearing next on a very different medium: She's giving fans their first listen to tracks from [article id="1663620"]Born This Way on the online game "Farmville"[/article] starting next Tuesday, a week before her album drops on May 23.

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