Beyonce's Shout-Out Floors Snuggie-Clad 'Countdown' Video Mastermind

Seeing praise for his 'Snuggie Version' tribute on B's website was 'the best moment of my life,' 16-year-old superfan tells MTV News.

When Ton Do-Nguyen uploaded his shot-for-shot recreation of Beyoncé's "Countdown" video to the Web, he didn't expect it to be seen by anyone other than his friends and family. But with more than 500,000 views on YouTube and the stamp of approval from the Queen B herself, the junior class president from Pennsylvania has quickly learned the power of the Internet.

"I'm going on her website, and I just start screaming," Ton said about reading a post in which Beyoncé praises his "Snuggie Version," calling it "brilliant."

"That was literally the best moment of my life -- hands down," the 16-year-old told MTV News. "I was scared she would get mad. ... When she posted it on her wall and everything, it was so positive."

It's not just the superstar singing Ton's praises either: Everyone from Perez Hilton to "Glee" star Harry Shum Jr. are bowing down to the Snuggie-clad tribute, with the same question on everybody's mind: How the heck did he do it?

"For each specific part, I would just look on YouTube and try and get it down to a T in front of my mirror and go off and film it," Ton explained. "It's so tiring, and do you know what it's like to be in a Snuggie in the middle of July?"

And while the sleeved blanket was originally used merely as a fashion statement to set the two clips apart, Ton revealed that the body-length fleece ended up serving useful in the production as well: "I used my Snuggie as a blue screen and wore a blue shirt and then I just did my thing."

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