Watch Harry Styles Get A Tattoo Live On TV

One Direction play an intense game tattoo roulette.

This is one "Late Late Show" appearance that Harry Styles will always remember.

And if he forgets, he can just look down at his arm for a reminder, since he just got a brand-new tattoo on TV.

The guys of One Direction stopped by James Corden's late night show and played an intense game of Tattoo Roulette. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and James each had to choose a box, and four of those boxes had the word "safe" inside, while one had the word "tattoo." Whoever choose the tattoo box had to get inked live on the show, with Corden getting the words "1D" and the foursome getting the words "Late Late" if they chose the box.

Niall, who is the only member of 1D without a tattoo, was not a fan of the game and chose first with James noticing that his hands "are actually shaking."

"It's my first time on TV," Niall joked.

The rest of the guys were "fine" with their possible new tattoo, with Louis saying "It's just going to be another stupid one." After they each picked their box, it was finally time for the big reveal, and after Louis, Liam and James were all safe, it was down to Harry and Niall.

Luckily for Niall, Harry was the one to pick the tattoo box, and he actually went through with it, getting the words "late late" inked on his arm.

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