Alcohol Doesn't Have To be A Part Of Your Music Festival Experience

Bonnaroo has your solution.

There's nothing like hitting your favorite festival with your friends, a beer and your favorite bands. And while good friends and great music are essential for your festival experience, alcohol most-certainly is not.

The thoughtful folks at Bonnaroo know this and came up with a cool solution for fans who want to enjoy a clean festival experience: Soberoo.

What is Soberoo you ask? Well, here's how the Bonnaroo website describes it:

Music and community are the calling card of a beautiful experience on The Farm. And for Bonnaroovians who choose to remain clean and sober while enjoying the festival, Soberoo is a group that will support you with regular fellowship and daily meetings. They’re not affiliated with any other support groups so the only requirement for membership is a desire to stay substance-free at the festival!

MTV News reached out to one of Bonnaroo's co-founders Rick Farman to try to find the origins of this really great and communal idea. "It happened really organically. A lot of the fans we first programed at the festival, already had groups like that which were affiliated with a particular band. So they'll play a regular show, [and] their sober fans would congregate," he said. "At the beginning of Bonnaroo, a big part of it was bringing these different bands together and these groups started to come together."

Now, Farman says that these same groups of sober citizens travel to other festivals and have implemented a similar type of support for fans who choose not to drink. "It's really grown to be something that's been a model for other festivals around the country and around the world," he said.