Lady Gaga's ARTPOP' Pop-Up Shop: Go On A Private Tour

The NYC 'gallery' displays some of Gaga's most iconic costumes, including the famous meat dress.

NEW YORK -- For any Lady Gaga fans who may not have been able to score a ticket to her [article id="1717180"]ARTRAVE[/article], the Mother Monster is offering fans another chance to celebrate her latest album release, [article id="1717207"]ARTPOP[/article].

The [article id="1717257"]"Do What U Want"[/article] singer has opened up a pop-up shop in the Meatpacking District (as well as another one in Los Angeles) to not only give fans the chance to buy ARTPOP-related merch and CDs, but also get the chance to see some of her costumes and props from over the course of her career.

The shop lives in the space once occupied by Alexander McQueen's store on West 14th Street. And, Melissa Notaro, BMF Media's art director, explained that the all-white spot was picked for a reason.

"This is the old Alexander McQueen store and we picked this location because it already had such great architecture and there was something very Gaga-esque about it," she said. "Something kind of futuristic and design-y that feels very much in line with everything Gaga is about."

The pop-up shop has everything that a Little Monster could ever want. There are photos and lyrics from the ARTPOP era plastered around the space, as well as a do-it-yourself art room where fans can leave a message and some of their own art pop. And there's even a make-up set-up that gives fans the chance to do their own "Applause" make-up.

Among the Gaga artifacts are her plastic mask worn in ARTPOP promo images as well and her jewel-encrusted swine mask.

"The shop itself was to celebrate the drop of her new album ARTPOP. We're selling the album. We're selling merchandise. We have different interactive experiences like Just Dance and Beats [by Dre] [set-ups], but it's really to display her costumes which they haven't seen before, or that they aren't really familiar with seeing," she said. "We took different pieces and framed them on stretch canvases and displaying it like pieces of art. So it's not just a pop-up shop; it's also an ARTPOP gallery."

Among the costumes on display are her [article id="1712664"]"Applause" glove bikini[/article], her blue leotard from the "Pokerface" video and a meat dress from her tour. "We were fortunate enough to have the meat dress here, which is probably one of her most well-known pieces that everybody loves," Notaro shared. "Guests have come in wearing their own rendition of the meat piece and posing in front of it, which is really cool."

And, there's also the giant Benjamin Rollins Caldwell-designed binary chair, which was also featured prominently in the art for ARTPOP.

"We got the binary chair here, which is really cool and we set it up in front of the video projections that here's behind you," she said. "We printed the 'Applause' lyrics and created a backdrop for the video. So it's the idea that would be sitting in the chair and watching the performance."

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