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All-American Rejects Won't Let Kids 'Slow Build' Get Them Down

'Buy it, steal it, just feel it. I don't care,' frontman Tyson Ritter says of AAR's new album, Kids in the Street.

All-American Rejects Go All Out For 'Beekeeper's Daughter' Video

Just-released clip has warring hipsters, a mariachi band ... and Wayne Newton.

All-American Rejects: 'It's Ironic' Playing Winter Olympics In Canada

'Did anyone really know what our band name was?' frontman Tyson Ritter jokes about performing at opening medal ceremony.

All-American Rejects Call Twitter Breakup 'The Stupidest Thing We Ever Did'

'We're gonna try to write another record together — we'll see how it goes,' frontman Tyson Ritter says.

Tokio Hotel, Avril Lavigne Confirmed For 'Alice In Wonderland' Soundtrack

Owl City, All-American Rejects, Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz also contribute to Almost Alice.

All-American Rejects Break Up, Make Up On Twitter

Bandmembers tweet that they're leaving, then say they've made up just minutes after ringing in 2010.

All-American Rejects' Tyson Ritter Confirms Rihanna Collaboration

Band's frontman says he'll try both aggressive rock songs and 'fun, clubby ideas' for the pop star.

Green Day, All-American Rejects Respond To Kanye West's VMA Tirade

'Kanye's always unpredictable,' Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong tells MTV News.

Kid Cudi, All-American Rejects Rave About VMA House-Band MC Wale

Solange also had nothing but praise for the 'phenomenal artist' she's collaborating with at Sunday's show.

Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas Party Jersey-Style For Zootopia

Flo Rida, Soulja Boy Tell'Em, Ciara, Jesse McCartney and the All American Rejects bring crowd-pleasing sets to Saturday's show.

All-American Rejects To Tour With Reunited Blink-182?

'We will be going out with a nondescript band that is rumored to be reuniting,' frontman Tyson Ritter coyly says.

Flaming Lips' 'Do You Realize??' Named Official Rock Song Of Oklahoma

'We're in this just to have fun and we wind up winning,' says surprised bandmember Wayne Coyne.

All-American Rejects Give Their Alternate Selves Hell In New Video

Tyson Ritter explains 'Gives You Hell,' the first single from When the World Comes Down.

Kanye West, Fall Out Boy, Other Celebrity Obama Supporters Praise Historic Speech

'It's really refreshing to actually be able to witness history unfolding like this,' Chamillionaire says of candidate's DNC address in Denver.

All-American Rejects' Tyson Ritter Says 'Good Doesn't Make The Cut' For Third Album

'I don't want to have any regrets,' frontman says of LP in the works for over a year.

Paramore, All-American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World Get Fans Riled Up At SoCal's Bamboozle Left

Hawthorne Heights hit the stage for the first time since guitarist Casey Calvert's death in November.

My Chemical Romance, All-American Rejects To Headline Bamboozle Left Fest

Also, updates on East Coast fest, Road Show and even Hoodwink (the fake Bamboozle).

Adam Sandler Is Helping 'I Know What Boys Like' Star Anna Faris Become The Next ... Adam Sandler

We caught up with Katharine McPhee, All-American Reject Tyson Ritter, a Cheetah Girl during exclusive visit to 2008 comedy's set.

All-American Reject Becomes Big-Screen 'Boy' — And Calls On 'Ghostbusters'?

'I like doing dramas more — I never thought of myself as the super-duper cutup,' frontman Tyson Ritter says.

Avenged Sevenfold And All-American Rejects OD On DVD Extras, In New Releases

Also due Tuesday: Now 25, Too Short, Chemical Brothers, Editors, MxPx, Rooney, Magic Numbers, Yellowcard.

All-American Rejects Want To 'Rot Your Brain,' Might Tweak Rejected Gwen Stefani Tune

'We've got some candy that'll give you cavities,' frontman Tyson Ritter laughs about band's Move Along follow-up.