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Sweet Child O Mine, Guns N' Roses Are Back

Welcome (back) to the jungle!

Guns N' Roses have an appetite for fixing destruction, it seems.

Following the long overdue reconciliation of Axl Rose and Slash, who'd parted ways in 1996 when Slash left the classic rock band after feuding with his co-founder, the group is reportedly planning to reunite just in time for Coachella 2016 -- and possibly take it further into a full-on stadium tour.

Billboard reports that the band will perform together during the April concert festival series and is in talks to play at upwards of 25 stadiums throughout North America the following summer.

Slash had previously hinted at his interest in a reunion tour with his former bandmates back in May, telling CBS News that he would be open to it "if everybody wanted to do it and do it for the right reasons" because "the fans would love it."

Then, in August, Slash revealed that he and Axl had buried the proverbial hatchet that had broken up their hit-making union nearly a decade before, saying "it's very cool at this point" and that the two were finally able to "dispel some of that negative stuff that was going on for so long."

Translation: It's totally Paradise City, all over again, and Slash is ready for the gang to take him home.

The purported Coachella performance would mark the first time Guns N' Roses has shared the stage in full since 1993, although Axl has since carried on with alternate band members, including Slash replacement and Nine Inch Nails alum Robin Finck.

Now that the gang's possibly (???) getting back together, we have a wishlist of the songs that totally need to make it onto the reunion playlist.

"November Rain"

The Use Your Illusion single was an instant classic and source of major eye-rollage to radio DJs everywhere because guaranteed, there was some seven-year-old (GUILTY) in every city dialing in each hour on the hour to hear him/her favorite new tune roll out again as the air guitar sessions commenced. This jam still holds up and you know it.

"Sweet Child O' Mine"

No disrespect to Sheryl Crow and her lovely cover job for this song, but the GN'R crew really held it down when they recorded this iconic track for Appetite for Destruction.

"Welcome to the Jungle"

There simply is no Guns N' Roses without their career-making first single that had us all on our knnn knne knees. It's an unquestionable must.

"Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

There's a reason this 1991 jam is such a crowd pleaser.


This may be one of their more subdued tunes, but the whistley G N' R Lies number is damn gorgeous and spoke to the versatility of the band. Not to mention, it's an appropriate nod to what the GN'R faithful have shown in waiting for this day to come.

We could go on ... F--k it. Play 'em all, bros. PLAY THEM ALL.