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MTV's New Stunt Series Is Taking 'Stupid' To Another Level

Get the first look at the Zach Holmes-led 'Too Stupid To Die'

"Warning: The stunts and the pranks you are about to witness are performed by professionals. Don't be a moron."

In the first look at MTV's brand-new stunt series, Too Stupid To Die, premiering on August 21, online sensation Zach Holmes will showcase bizarre pranks, hilarious antics and outrageous stunts.

"It's like nothing goes on here at all," Zach says about his rural Indiana surroundings, before explaining his affinity for amateur stunts. "And that's why I feel like we do a lot of what we do."

So what exactly do they "do"? Zach's "family" takes rat traps to the face, dodges golf carts, sets off explosives and practices public archery. And that's just the beginning.

Get to know Zach and the Too Stupid To Die crew below, and watch the show's premiere on Tuesday, August 21 at 10/9c.

Zach, 26 (“The Stupid Genius”): The mastermind, building his following on Facebook and Instagram through his fearless stunts.

Coty, 26 (“The Screamer”): Always up for friendly competition and rarely plays by the rules.

Meggan, 26 (“Hell On Wheels”): Holds her own within this insane group of guys and is typically the one to push the limits.

Tommy, 26 (“Most Redneck”): The guinea pig of the group who will step up when others are too scared.

Chad, 27 (“Tattooed Teddy Bear”): Big-hearted and the glue that keeps the crew together.

Damon (Blazer), 27 (“Human Trashcan”): Known for doing all things gross -- plus he'll eat anything.

Khyler, 22 (“Mr. Fearless”): Up to try anything once…or twice.

Chad Tepper, 26 (“The Instigator”): YouTube star who visits the crew and takes things to the next level.