Hey Bros, NBA Jerseys Are This Summer's Freshest Festival Look

Is this Hangout Fest or the NBA playoffs?

GULF SHORES, Alabama -- Summer music festivals aren't just about the music. Sure, we may come for the bands, but festival fashion is a serious thing too -- and it isn't just the women who are turning heads with their fashion choices at this year's Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The guys are here to show off their style too.

While strolling the beach, we couldn't help but notice all of the dudes rocking their freshest and most rare NBA jerseys. Of course all the bros are excited because it's playoff time -- seriously, all the games this year have been amazing -- but there is a certain sense of pride that comes with rocking your favorite player's number at a festival for everyone to see.

The key is to find a jersey and a player that matches your personal style while maintaining your individuality. When you've reached the highest level of your jersey potential, other dudes will give you head nods, call you by your adopted NBA name, and a reporter from MTV News will stop you to take your picture for the best bro post you'll see on the web all weekend.

Reggie Miller


We just met Connor, but judging from his jersey choice we're going to assume that he is a straight shooter who cuts right to the chase. He probably doesn't take too kindly to New Yorkers either.

Kevin Durant


Mattox here may be the MVP of Hangout Fest's unofficial all-star team. He could've easily went with Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder jersey, but he chose to go back to KD's roots and dig up his old Seattle Sonics uni. Way to be different.

Dwayne Wade

Rob Markman / MTV

Dwayne Wade

All Rafael is missing is Gabrielle Union by his side.

Carmelo Anthony

Rob Markman / MTV


Either Melo or our homie Will Kushner needs to bring an NBA championship to New York. The Big Apple is hungry.

Kyrie Irving And Lebron James

Rob Markman / MTV


The Cleveland Cavs just dusted off the Chicago Bulls to advance to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and Jeremy Harvey and Mike Hathaway couldn't be more hyped.

Charles Barkley

Rob Markman / MTV


Before Charles Barkley got a gig at TNT as an NBA analyst, he was one of the baddest players in the entire league. John O'Rourke made a fine choice when he got dressed this morning.

James Harden (Rockets)

Rob Markman / MTV


On Sunday, James Harden and the Houston Rockets will face the Los Angeles Clippers in a must-win game seven. Does Kyle look worried to you?

James Harden (Team U.S.A.)

Rob Markman / MTV


Lots of love for the beard at Hangout. Nailed it bro.

Hakeem Olajuwon

Rob Markman/ MTV


Michael Ellis says that he wore his ketchup-and-mustard Olajuwon jersey yesterday during Hangout. Sorry we missed that!

Bugs Bunny

Rob Markman / MTV


OK, so technically Bugs didn't play in the NBA, but he did play on the same team as Michael Jordan in "Space Jam" and that's got to count for something. Rob Joy with the very rare look.

Michael Jordan (Bulls)

Rob Markman / MTV


Speaking of Michael Jordan, Landon Clinton FTW.

Michael Jordan (Wizards)

Rob Markman / MTV


MJ's years on the Washington Wizards were pretty forgettable, but this alternate "Bullets" throwback will live in our memories forever.

Chris Webber

Rob Markman / MTV


The Chris Webber Bullets look is rare AF and when this weekend is over, Hangout Fest will have to hang Jerit Roser's jersey in the rafters.

Jason Kidd

Rob Markman / MTV


The Brooklyn Nets used to be the New Jersey Nets and Jason Kidd was the man. Now Erik Thomas holds that distinction.

Vince Carter

Nadeska Alexis / MTV


When in Rome do as the Romans do; and when you're at Hangout Fest you dig up your old school Vince Carter jersey and stunt.

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