Paula Abdul Says Simon Cowell Is Playing Coy About U.S. 'X Factor'

'When I call Simon, he's just laughing on the phone,' she says about a possible judging spot on rumored show.

Ever since [artist id="1397"]Paula Abdul[/artist] announced [article id="1617611"]her "American Idol" departure[/article] in August, headlines have attached the star to nearly every reality competition out there, including "Dancing With the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance." But it appears Paula is holding out for a judging gig on a rumored [article id="1622215"]American version of Simon Cowell's "X Factor."[/article]

When we caught up with the dancer-turned-singer-turned-reality superstar at the [article id="1623705"]American Music Awards nominations[/article] press conference, Paula expressed frustration that she can't get a straight answer from her former "Idol" cohort.

"When I call Simon, he's just laughing on the phone. 'When the time is right I'll tell you, but I'm not ... confirming nor denying it,' " Abdul told MTV News, in her best British accent.

Abdul was hoping a recent trip to the set of the U.K.'s "X Factor" set would provide clues about her potential involvement with the show, but alas, she returned to America just as exasperated. "I just came back from London! You'd think I'd get further clarification," she said. "No. Nothing. I got zip! Nada."

Until she gets the official word, Abdul will just have to continue playing dumb to the press. "This is the look of a deer caught in headlines, which has been [me] the past week and a half. ... It would have been nice if the ['X Factor'] rumor was told to me. But I find that I am the last person to hear things," she smiled.

In the meantime, Abdul continues to toil away on a new album, although given the unpredictable nature of her career these past several months, Paula admitted it will come out "a little later than anticipated." But the superstar hinted at big plans for whenever it does end up in stores. "Skat Kat is coming out of retirement," Abdul said of her partner for the "Opposites Attract" video. "He's bugged me long enough, and I'm letting him come back -- in a different way, with an artist guesting as Skat Kat."

Might we suggest a "Search for the Next Skat Kat" reality show?

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