So This Rap Group Walks Into A Bar (Mitzvah): D12 Meet E13

Eminem's crew stops by suburban Detroit ceremony to sign autographs.

Oy vey! While Eminem was busy honing his acting skills, the rest of D12 turned up at a bar mitzvah in suburban Detroit on Saturday to sign autographs for Ethan Weisman and his friends.

Ethan's parents paid the Motor City hip-hop group an undisclosed sum to appear at the event, held at a private country club in West Bloomfield.

"It was a wish come true," Ethan, 13, said Tuesday (October 9). "Kids I don't even know are coming up to me and saying, 'I heard you had D12 at your bar mitzvah.' "

Ethan, a self-described diehard D12 fan, said he didn't know about his special guests until a few minutes before they entered the room with bodyguards in tow.

"They all took different areas of the room, and they could never have been better. They gave out posters and CDs, and everyone could walk up and get an autograph."

D12 also asked for some of the attendees' autographs in return. The rappers nicknamed Ethan "E13" and let him wear their massive gold and silver necklaces to pose for pictures.

Eminem's crew got the gig through Jon Layne, a friend of both the Weismans and D12. Layne, who runs a local record label called Intuit-Solar, regularly DJs bar mitzvahs and was asked to man the tables for Ethan's big day.

"It was never about money or prestige why I wanted to do it," Layne said. "For me, I did it because I love D12 and love the Weismans and wanted to give Ethan a really cool present."

When he proposed the idea to D12, the rappers figured it was a good way to spend a Saturday night, according to manager Mark Hicks. "With all the tragic events going on, this was just a situation where it just made sense."

Ethan said he plans to give some of the money from his bar mitzvah gifts to terrorist relief efforts. Hicks said D12 member Kon Artis lost two aunts in the World Trade Center attacks.

D12 have not ruled out making another mitzvah appearance someday. "We'll have to see," Hicks said. "This is the funniest thing to happen all year."

'NSYNC sang at a bat mitzvah party for a female fan last year. Bar and bat mitzvah refer to the religious coming of age in Judaism.

Fans with less generous parents can catch D12 on their first headlining tour, starting October 30 in New Orleans with openers Bionic Jive, Kottonmouth Kings and Sunny Ledfurd. Eminem will make surprise appearances at select dates during breaks from shooting a film based loosely on his life (see [article id="1449483"]"Kim Basinger in Talks To Be Eminem's Movie Mom"[/article]).

The rap outfit will also be featured on the soundtrack to "The Wash," starring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

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