Selena Gomez Is The Face Of Coach

To the tune of about $10M

After months (perhaps years) of marketing black magic, leather goods brand Coach has decided that the face of their sparkly new target demo (read: teens who are good at manipulating their parents into buying them expensive shit) is Selena Gomez. The star has inked a 10 million dollar deal — or, as the Daily Mail formats it, $10MILLION — that designates her as the face of the brand.

More than just a face, Selena will also be designing her own line of luxury accessories. Gomez’s own personal style has, over the past couple of years, grown significantly more refined (think less leather leggings and band t-shirts, more streamlined, monochromatic looks). Her consistent look — playfully dressed-down, youthful elegance — fits well with Coach’s new design direction, where a $695 instarsia sweater comes embroidered with a T-Rex, and the proper styling for luxury leather bags is an assortment of “Bag Charms.”

We’re still waiting for precise details of the collab, so fans of the brand and the pop star (and the future shoppers that make up the overlap of that particular Venn diagram) will just have to wait and see what’s coming. I, for one, would not be mad at Coach giving some straightforward Selena merch a luxury makeover. Dare to dream.

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