Christy Carlson Romano’s Husband Is A Real-Life Kim Possible

Because he legitimately saved someone’s life

From 2002 to 2007, Christy Carlson Romano voiced Kim Possible, a feisty heroine who stood up for people and fought to protect them from evil villains, on the animated show of the same name. But as it turns out, her husband, Brendan Rooney, is the real-life Kim Possible and a total boss.

On Saturday (July 16), Romano shared her husband's courageous act that actually saved someone's life. After Rooney witnessed a man punching a woman in the face and wielding a knife, he took action. Romano wrote on Instagram, "My husband bolted, took the man down by the neck in a choke hold, disarmed his knife, and saved the young woman's life!"

Thankfully, Rooney wasn't seriously injured in the fight, though he did mess up his knee and required 14 stitches. Relived her husband was fine, Romano explained how grateful she was to have him as the father of her baby on the way, which she announced month. She explained the gratitude she felt for Rooney, "a badass former #Marine, a good man" and said she was "blessed" to have him in her life.

Seriously, when we're in trouble, we know who we're gonna call for help.