Kris Jenner After Dentist Is The New 'David After Dentist': Watch Now

She won't stop smiling, and I respect that.

From Zayn Malik leaving One Direction to Rihanna announcing that she'll drop some new music tomorrow, today's been a pretty overwhelming day.

But, don't stress. Just make like Kris Jenner in the video below, and never stop smiiiiiiiiiling.

The "David After Dentist"-esque video, posted by daughter Kylie on Wednesday (Mar. 25), was taken after the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch underwent some unnamed procedure at Dr. Kevin Sands' cosmetic dentistry practice, which his website describes as "the Rolls Royce of cosmetic dentistry." Guess that makes my non-existent dental insurance, like, the red Razor Scooter that's missing a wheel of cosmetic dentistry.

I don't know if Kris is hopped up on anything (#saynotodrugs), but I'll have what she's having after a day like today.

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