Asher Roth Serves Up 'Positive' Message On 'Seared Foie Gras' Mixtape

'Hopefully, I'mma stick around for a decade and be a voice of the next 10 years,' Roth tells 'Mixtape Daily.'

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Mixtape Maven: Asher Roth

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Mixtape: Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry

Real Spit: Asher Roth is in it for the long haul. He's not just trying to make a quick dollar and skate -- although there are aspects to the game that frustrate him.

"I don't wanna be one of those dudes that's just like one, two three years, and I'm out," Roth said, sitting in one of his favorite eateries, Hotel Griffou. "Make a quick dollar. 'Let me go invest this in real estate.' I see the opportunity to affect lives in a positive way. I see these 13-year old kids that get a hold of me and be like, 'Yo, you changed my life.' Am I 100 percent fulfilled? No. Not even remotely yet. But that's a good thing. Hopefully, I'mma stick around for a decade and be a voice of the next 10 years. So when people look back, they said I actually added something instead of putting a pop song out that was popular."

Roth, for the most part, raps over beats that are already out there on the tape. He gives props to each producer by noting who the beat is "served by" on the track list. As for that far-out title, he said he tried the delicacy before knowing that foie gras was actually force-fed duck liver.

Joints to Check For

» "F--- the Money" (featuring B.o.B and "served by" Kanye West). "The fifth joint on the mixtape, which is kind of the first song and really the only song that had a single vibe to it and kind of a real-song vibe to it," Roth said. "That came about, Bob and I went o the Great Hangover Tour in Virginia. We had finished first, and Cudi was going last. Bob was playing me some of his records that's coming out on his album. He played me the 'F--- the Money' joint, which had him all the way through. And just the chorus, anybody in the industry making moves in that sense can relate to the song, just through the chorus. I'mma make a lot of money and quit this crazy scene. It was a Joni Mitchell sample. Kanye had produced the song. I was like, 'If you do anything with that record, please send it over to me and let me put a voice on that.'

"Of course, 8 o'clock at night, I had just finished shooting the Consequence video 'Childish Games.' [B.o.B] said, 'I'm putting out this mixtape which DJ Drama. We just got clearance on "F--- the Money," but I need this in two hours for Drama to finish the tape.' The whole record got laid out in 16 minutes. Sent it to Bob."

» "Rick Smits" (served by Just Blaze). "That's one of those songs that provoke emotion. That just translates into live shows. When you hear that, it's like, 'Let me beast that.' It's funny, when I hear people say, 'Asher has no content. He only talks about weed and girls and getting effed up.' On this, I'm talking about pharmaceutical companies. Here they are, freakin' out about kids smoking pot, but here they are prescribing pills for pills.' They have kids on Ritalin, just because they have a bit of extra energy and they don't care when the teacher is talking about George Washington. I'm gonna keep doing my music and hope people catch on."

» "Pubic Garden" (served by Pharrell Williams). "It's the braggadocio in hip-hop that will never go away," Roth said. "I like the nonchalant thing, the whole effortless thing. It's talking about the daily routine of how I feel. I wake up, get my day started with some tea. I'm like, 'I got this rap career. I don't know how that happened.' I sketch some notes, listen to some dope music. 'Let's get outside, mess around.' It's just throwing the ball outside and having fun with my career path. The beat is Pharrell, 'Teach You How to Hustle,' off the In My Mind album. Pharrell and I just linked up in Miami. Very good chemistry as far as creating music."

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