13 Underrated Perks Of Being A Homebody

Embrace the slug life.

Homebodies can get a bad rap for being anti-social, agoraphobic hermits but the reality is they're simply people who know what they like. Not everyone who enjoys the cozy comforts of their home, apartment or dorm room is the same either. While homebodies are all different, they share the same secret benefits of staying in.

If you've been fighting your own homey instincts, here are the perks you've been missing out on.

You get more sleep


You may as well be called a bedbody, because that's what it's really all about.

And time to take are of yourself


Self-care is that special thing we often forget about until we're collapsing under a pile of dirty laundry in tears. One of the best parts of being a homebody is that the laundry is fresh, clean and warm from the dryer (and you get to relax on top of it instead).

You can care for other things as well


Whether it's a dog, a plant or a significant other, you have time to attend to more than just yourself when you're a homebody. Dogs aren't for everyone, but they are great matches for people who prefer to stay in. They get you outside a few times a day while rewarding you for being at home, which is it's own reward already.

You spend less money


You might order seamless, but that's still a bargain compared to a bar, restaurant or coffee shop. Saving money is a great reason to hang at home, incase you're getting hassled by a busybody about going out.

You develop your DIY skills


Being a homebody gives you the time and opportunity to learn a lot, and many of these lessons can benefit your home. From repairs to Pinterest boards, you can teach yourself how to be your own interior decorator and handyman — unless you want an excuse to have an actual handyman come over.

And hosting skills


Being a homebody doesn't mean you're anti-social, it means you prefer people come to you. The need for interaction can encourage you to become an above average host, something your social circle probably needs. If you love your home so much, this can be a great way to celebrate that with friends.

You likely have rad roommates

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Homebodies are protective of their safe space and refuse to let garbage people contaminate it. If they're going to have a roommate, it's going to be someone who makes staying in fun. So if you're a homebody's roommate, you're probably pretty awesome.

The weather doesn't get you down


Being a homebody may not cure your seasonal depression completely, but it will keep you warm when then weather gets bad. It's easier to see the glass as half full, because it's half full of hot chocolate and you can get more whenever you want.

You feel in control of your environment


Bad weather doesn't get you down when you're your own weatherman. Put on some music, a Hawaiian shirt and make yourself something tropical to eat or drink. It's spring break somewhere.

You're basically an expert on all-things pop culture


You finished "Making A Murderer" at a pace that made you think you should go to law school. On the rare occasion you do go out, it's only to dominate in movie and television trivia. A lifetime as a homebody is easily worth a pop culture master's degree.

And could be considered a takeout and delivery connoisseur


If you're ever wondering where to order from, consult with your homebodied friends. They have this game on lock.

You become immune to feelings of FOMO

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There's no such thing as the fear of missing out when you're a homebody, which is an awesome thing to live without. The only thing you have to worry about is the fear of ~being~ out, because FOBO sounds super silly.

And learn to appreciate the little things


Whether it's making a home-cooked meal, organizing your room or stumbling upon a surprise marathon of your favorite crime procedural show, it's easy to smile when you're a homebody because so many things make you happy. You don't need an epic night out when you have everything you need right in front of you.

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