Wiz Khalifa Tweets 'Rolling Papers' Release Date

Pittsburgh MC announces his hotly anticipated debut is set to drop on March 29.

[artist id="2427571"]Wiz Khalifa[/artist] announced his album title over Twitter on Wednesday night, a name that should earn the Pittsburgh rapper two (green) thumbs up from his Taylor Gang followers.

"Rolling Papers: March 29," he wrote, also revealing the LP's release date.

MTV News' [article id="1644448"]2010 Hottest Breakthrough MC[/article] is set to drop the highly anticipated debut project on Atlantic Records. Last year, after operating independently and raising his profile through a series of mixtapes, [article id="1644847"]Wiz announced on our "RapFix Live"[/article] online show that he was joining the label, which is also home to T.I., Paramore and Kid Rock.

The lanky lyricist has a well-known affection for marijuana and, recently, he and fellow smoker Snoop Dogg joined forces for the forthcoming movie and soundtrack project "High School." Still, his love of all things green has led to some trouble for the MC. Last November, [article id="1651809"]Wiz was arrested[/article] and booked on drug charges after police apprehended the "Black and Yellow" star following a performance in North Carolina.

Despite his hazy appeal, Wiz has defended his music's merit beyond the stoner aesthetic.

"It's not just the weed. The music is awesome," he told [article id="1653228"]The Source magazine[/article]. "The music is great. Just from the beats that I pick, I'm a fan of my producers. They push me. The vibe is so positive, you can be who you want to be. The weed just goes with it. See, when I was in high school, I wasn't in the streets. I had friends that were in the streets, but I just smoked with them. I had straight white kids that I just kicked it with and they smoked more than the kids in the streets. So I kicked it with everybody, but we were all on the same sh-- mentally."

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