17 Rappers You Had A Crush On In High School

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

If you're currently in high school, you have some pretty good options for rappers to crush on -- Drake and J.Cole, just off the top -- but back in the mid-2000s, there was a completely different set of rapper posters on our wall. A few of them are still high on the list, since they've barely aged at all (I'm looking at you, Pharrell) and the rest of them, we'll just have sweet, sweet memories of.

Check out our high school rapper crushes, and let us know who was number one on your list.

Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana and Tim Thomas Birthday Bash

This list is in no particular order, but if I'm being real, Juelz was an easy contender for #1. The Diplomats rapper struck the perfect balance of street and sweet, breaking hearts with that dimpled smile, while mobbin' with Cam and crew. Plus, when "Hey Ma," dropped, it was a wrap. You probably told your boyfriend to pack it up because you were heading to Harlem.


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Scientists are still trying to figure out why Pharrell hasn't physically aged a single day since we fell in love with him 15 years ago. It was hard enough to keep emotions for him under control when he was hanging with the Clipse in their videos, but his feature on Snoop Dogg's "Beautiful" in 2003, is when I knew this love was going to last foreva, eva.




If your mother was anything like mine, she probably wasn't happy about you listening to Slim Shady, but that just made me love him even more. There was something about the foul-mouthed, no f--ks given, bleached-blond rapper from Detroit that was simply irresistible.

50 Cent

MTVs 2003 Spring Break-

While we're on the topic of guys you'd never wanna bring home to your parents, there's 50 Cent. When Fif dropped Get Rich Or Die Tryin' in 2003, I had to hit pause on every other CD in my stereo. So, he was shot nine times, lived to tell the tale and still looked so good in the video for "In Da Club?" Yes, please.


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Photo of Tupac Shakur

Top five, hottest of all time, dead or alive. The end. (Needed the full-length shot for this one).

Lil Wayne

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Most girls will tell you that Weezy has a very magnetic quality that's hard to put into words, so we're just chalking it up to his great sense of humor and personality. Lil Wayne also has the kind of smile that melts your heart, and, just like Pharrell, age ain't nothin' but a number to him.

Ja Rule

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MTV 2002 New Year'

The Queens rapper had some of the best rap/R&B love songs of the 2000s -- "Always on Time" and "Mezmerize," anyone? -- so if you needed a romantic thug in your life, you didn't have to look much further than Ja.


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2nd Annual BET Awards Radio & Talent Gift Room - Day 2

Only one person could make wearing Band-Aids on your face look cool: Nelly. Word is, that the Missouri rapper actually started wearing the Band-Aid to cover up a cut, but eventually he kept it in honor of one of his St. Lunatics brothers. Whatever the reason was, though, can we agree that being attractive really helped him to pull that one off.



Okay, Nas was never that kind of artist -- making rap/pop songs and showing off rippling pectorals in his videos, but there was something about a baby-faced rapper weaving such realistic stories from the hood, that captured a piece of our hearts.


MTV Europe Music Awards 2003 - Press Room

C'mon, you didn't forget about Chingy, did you? The Missouri rapper had a smash on his hands with "Right Thurr" and it's safe to say that the ladies made up a pretty sizeable part of his fan base.



These days, T.I. is all about "The Family Hustle," but before he was starring in reality TV shows with the fam, the Atlanta rapper was just a really smooth-talking, good-looking Southern rapper that made the ladies swoon. The Internet has pretty much killed the word "swag," but if you look in a hardcover dictionary, his photo would be under the definition.


Woodstock 1999 DMX

Sure, X wouldn't be top pick for a pin-up boy, but there was something about his gritty raps and reckless attitude that was very enthralling.

Lil Romeo

The 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party - Red Carpet

Lil Romeo's talent spanned into acting, modeling and even basketball, but during the rap portion of his career, he definitely won favor with the teen and tween audiences. Yeaaah, Master P, you did a good job with this one.

Lil Fizz

B2K and Chris Stokes on The Set of

There had to be at least one boy band member on this list. Omarion's still making musical waves in the R&B landscape, but during the peak of B2K's success, rapper Lil Fizz (second from the left) had girls in the palm of his hands. These days you can catch him on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood."

Bow Wow

Bow Wow Performs At City Hall Park

We've pretty much watched Bow Wow grow up over the years, but before he officially dropped the 'Lil' from his moniker, high school-aged girls went crazy for those braids.

Method Man

Celebrities Partner with MTV for Scholarships

Meth has clearly had an impressive rap career, but after his role in "How High," it was hard not to really trip over him and how funny he was.

Silkk the Shocker

The Source Magazine - Press Conference

Guys weren't into No Limit Records for the eye candy, but Silkk the Shocker was pretty easy on the eyes.