Foxy Brown And Jacki-O Duke It Out At Miami Studio

Female rappers brawled inside Circle House Studios on Monday.

Four-letter words, lemonade and fists were flying in Miami early Monday morning when a fight broke out between Jacki-O and Foxy Brown at Circle House Studios. O said her refusal to "bow down" to Brown, who disrespected her, led to things getting physical.

"I just know that yesterday I did not go there to get in no altercation," Jacki-O said later on Monday. "I went to work, and I did not know I would be winning an ass-kicking contest.

"You don't come to somebody's session acting like a clown," she added. "Something is seriously wrong with her. She's washed up. She needs to sit back and relax and retire. It ain't happening for her no more."

O was in the studio collaborating with Brooklyn's MC Gravy on a track called "Ménage" produced by the duo the Unusual Suspects. Gravy has been making rounds on the mixtape circuit and has collaborated on several underground freestyles with his friend Brown. According to O and other witnesses, Brown came to the studio around 2 a.m. to see Gravy and his partner Fendi and possibly get on the song. Apparently Brown was not greeted warmly enough by O and started getting upset.

" 'You don't know who the f--- I am? I'm Fox Boogie,' " O said, recounting what Brown said to her. " 'You act like you can't speak to me when you see me? You don't know who the f--- I am? You need to bow down. That's what's wrong with y'all new rapper ho's.'

"You would think that someone who has been in the game as long as she has would have more respect than to interrupt somebody's session," Jacki-O continued. "She's coming in, being disrespectful and wanting someone to bow down."

O said she did properly acknowledge Brown and that Brown got upset that Gravy was showing her so much love. O said she and Gravy tried to calm Brown down, and when O finally got a chance to get into the recording booth, she overheard Brown still talking about her.

"It was like she was going to bust a blood vessel," O said. "I'm sitting in the booth and she's like, 'This bitch don't know, I'm about to slap the sh-- out of her.' I hear 'this bitch' this, 'this bitch' that. ... I was every name in the book. [Gravy] was like, 'Foxy, let's just work.' "

"Everybody knows Gravy. Gravy's hard," the Brooklyn MC said, referring to himself in third person. "I'm a lyricist. I go with the hardest. Jacki-O is the hardest. And I go with the other hardest from New York, Foxy Brown. Boy did I find out putting the two hardest together. It's not a good look. Foxy was going a little crazy with it. It just got ugly."

As the harsh words started to fly, the two females locked horns for what an onlooker -- who did not want to be identified -- said was a brief brawl that had to be broken up.

"The game is so f---ed up because there's no affirmative action in hip-hop," O said. "Being that we [women] are finally getting the opportunity to be in this business, you would think a veteran who has experienced the ups and downs, who knows how this game is, would have little bit more respect. I didn't look to get in no altercation, but when you come from where I come from, you gotta protect yourself. That's exactly what I had to do."

On Tuesday, Brown was back in an undisclosed studio and neither she nor reps for Circle House could be reached. Brown's label, Def Jam, had no comment.

Jacki-O has also been in the lab working on the new albums by Busta Rhymes, the Ying Yang Twins, Bone Crusher, and Big Gip and Ali.

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