'Rivals' No More: Camila And Jemmye Just Had A 'Challenge' Reunion

Team Subtitles is back in action!

Camila and Jemmye have made a complete 180 since their Battle of the Seasons showdown, and being Rivals 2 partners certainly helped mend their differences. Who would've thunk it?!

And nearly four years after Team Subtitles snagged third place in the Thailand-based installment, the gals (who both have a penchant for holding nothing back in their heavy accents) shared some QT in the Big Apple. We've missed you two in action!

No ketchup fights at this Jemmila reunion! And it certainly looked like more fun than that extremely frustrating Pythagorean theorem puzzle during the final.

Share your favorite Challenge memories featuring these two strong competitors -- and don't miss Camila on Invasion of the Champions tomorrow night at 9/8c! And for a Rivals 2 rewind, check out the ladies dish on their past in the video below.

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