Maroon 5 Plan To Keep It Hot And Steamy In Next Video

Band toying with doing clip reminiscent of 'The Graduate.'

PASADENA, California -- Adam Levine must've enjoyed showing some skin in the "This Love" video, as the Maroon 5 singer is eyeing another steamy scenario for the follow-up.

"The concept that we're thinking about is 'The Graduate,' kind of reproducing the love triangle between Mrs. Robinson and Elaine and ... me," Levine said of the "She Will Be Loved" video. "Maybe take some beautiful shots from that movie, which is one of our favorite movies of all time."

Sophie Muller, who directed the "This Love" video, will also work with Maroon 5 on what will be the band's third video. Meanwhile, "This Love" is about to get a second life courtesy of Kanye West, who produced a hip-hop remix of the hit (see [article id="1486989"]"Maroon 5 Turn To Kanye West For 'This Love' Remix; Record Track For Spidey"[/article]).

"We've always wanted a hip-hop producer to remix our music," Levine said. "We always thought it would make a lot of sense. And he is one of our favorite musicians around."

Maroon 5 are hoping to release the remix on the mixtape circuit before pushing it to urban radio.

"It sounds incredible," Levine added. "It's a whole new take. It kinda sounds like a Stevie Wonder record, gospel-type of thing. John Legend, who's this amazing piano player [who's played on Alicia Keys and Jay-Z records, among others] came in and threw some extra stuff on the track, made it sound unbelievable."

Kanye's "This Love" remix will not be released on Maroon 5's upcoming EP, 1.22.03.Acoustic, but the compilation will include an acoustic version of the song, along with acoustic renditions of "Harder to Breathe," "She Will Be Loved," "Sunday Morning," "The Sun" and a cover of the Beatles' "If I Fell" recorded in front of a live audience at New York's Hit Factory studio.

The album will also include a cover of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" recorded live in Hamburg, Germany, with drummer Ryan Dusick on vocals and Levine on drums.

"We were going to do [Prince's] 'Darling Nikki,' we started playing that years ago, but the Foo Fighters stole it from us and made it their own," Levine said. "Sons of bitches. ... Just kidding, they're an amazing band."

The EP is due June 29, a week after Maroon 5's "Woman" hits stories via the "Spider-Man 2" soundtrack.

"It's kind of a sultry, sexy number," Levine said. "Very vibey, kind of mellow."

"It reminds me of Sade," bassist Mickey Madden added. "That's what I thought when Adam first played us the song."

Levine actually wrote "Woman" a few years ago, but never got around to recording it with the band.

"I remember very vividly writing that song," he said. "I wrote it at my friend's room ... in some fancy hotel in New York where old people and businesspeople go ... I remember I sat and ... was totally silent, which is rare for me, and like wrote these lyrics in about 10 minutes. I just spat them out and I never really changed them. That was an interesting moment."

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