Lorde Goes Blonde And Green In ‘Mood Ring’

The New Zealand singer brings flower child aesthetics to her new single

Lorde is back and blonde with her new single “Mood Ring,” going green and bringing relaxing spiritual vibes in its accompanying music video.

The video begins with Lorde and her girlfriends relaxing comfortably together in green on floor blankets. We see them performing yoga poses, meditating with crystals, burning plants, and reading books.

“Ladies, begin your sun salutations / Transcendental in your meditations / Love and light,” she sings in the chorus. “You can burn sage / And I’ll cleanse the crystals  / We can get high / But only if the wind blows / Just right.”

In a statement, Lorde revealed she took inspiration from ‘60s counterculture, especially flower child aesthetics. According to her, her new single is “kind of an extremely satirical look at all those vibes.”

“I wanted to understand the commune life, dropping out from society and trying to start again. That really resonated to me when writing this album. One thing that occurred to me as a major parallel between that time and our time is our wellness culture and our culture of spirituality, pseudo-spirituality, wellness, pseudo-wellness,” she said. “Things like eating a macrobiotic vegan diet or burning sage, keeping crystals, reading tarot cards or your horoscope. These were all things that they were dabbling in back then, and that me and my girlfriends are dabbling in today.”

“Mood Ring” is the third single and 11th track of her upcoming third album Solar Power, following “Stoned at the Nail Salon” and “Solar Power.” Solar Power is expected to release this coming Friday, August 20, and it will be the first album in four years since Melodrama in 2017.

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