Reports Of Injuries To Spacehog Frontman Revealed As Prank

In a case of American media outlets falling prey to dry British wit, several news

organizations erroneously reported that several dates on the upcoming

Spacehog U.S. tour had been canceled due to a serious ankle injury to

bandleader Royston Langdon. The Associated Press reported

that Langdon had broken his ankle skateboarding through a New York airport,

leading to the cancellations. What actually happened, according to the band's

U.S. publicist, Lois Najarian, was that Langdon pulled some ligaments in his

ankle and was unable to make some radio interview appointments with the rest

of the band earlier this week. In his absence, brother Antony Langdon,

the group's guitarist, took the opportunity to tell a number of outrageous lies

about his brother. "Antony made up stories, about how [Royston] fell off his

skateboard, how Royston's ankle got caught in the spokes of his motorcycle, all

kinds of silly stories," Najarian said, adding that no show will be affected by the