Watch Gary Oldman Watch Himself Die Onscreen

Siriusly, though, it's not funny.

When Gary Oldman showed up Tuesday to film an episode of "Conan," he discovered that his host had put together a special gift: a video montage featuring several of the many, many times that the actor has died onscreen.

Oldman has a penchant for playing characters that get killed off, and while this supercut doesn't include every death, it definitely hits the high notes. An explosive end in "The 5th Element"; getting eaten alive by hogs in his uncredited "Hannibal" appearance; having his undead head crushed in by Winona Ryder in "Dracula."

And of course, there's the horrible moment at which Sirius Black gets avada kedavra-ed in the Ministry of Magic — a moment which Gary Oldman apparently finds hilarious, because he literally cackles with unrestrained glee as his character shuffles off this mortal coil. For the sake of our Potterloving sanity, we'll assume he's laughing at the ridiculous greasy hairpiece he's wearing and not at the worst literary tragedy ever to destroy our childhood.

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