'Young and Pregnant''s Danae Reveals His Heartbreaking Fears About Fatherhood

Find out what's making the 'Teen Mom' dad-to-be so emotional

Parenthood is undeniably daunting for any new mom or dad-to-be, but things are especially complicated for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Danae, who plans to help his on-again girlfriend Brianna raise her son… even though he’s not the baby’s biological father.

Let’s backtrack: During one of the young couple’s numerous breakups, Bri dated someone else and subsequently got pregnant. The biological father wanted nothing to do with his unborn child, so Danae, now back with Brianna, stepped up to the plate and promised to raise the baby as his own.

But on this week's episode, after Danae expressed his fears to his girlfriend about moving in with her and her mother Jessica (who’s not exactly his biggest fan), he opened up to an old friend about his worries about becoming a dad. And they had nothing to do with cohabitating.


“I am really nervous that this kid will not love me,” he confessed. “I just feel like I’m already in love with this baby… I just want him to feel the attachment that I feel. I think that’s what I’m most nervous about -- that he won’t feel that attachment.”

But the dad-to-be’s pal had some words of wisdom and was confident that Danae and baby Braeson will undoubtedly have that special bond regardless.

“You’re going to treat that kid like he is yours -- I know you,” she said. “You’re going to look at that baby, and you’re going to know it was worth it.”

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