Adam Lambert, Donald Trump, Joe Jackson Slam Kanye West's VMA Stunt

Criticism of West's interruption of Taylor Swift's speech continues.

While he's all for beauty queens expressing their opinions at pageants, if there's one thing Donald Trump can't stand it's rudeness. The Donald unloaded on Kanye West Monday, laying into the rapper for his now infamous disruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at Sunday nights' VMAs.

According to TMZ, Trump said West's actions were "disgusting" and called for a boycott of all things Kanye-related "so this kind of thing doesn't happen again." The Donald also apparently wasn't buying the argument that West jumped up to defend Beyoncé's honor when he ranted about how "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" should have won for Best Female Video. "He couldn't care less about Beyoncé," Trump said. "It was grandstanding to get attention."

While [article id="1621410"]West later posted an apology to Swift on his blog[/article] -- an all-caps rant that was off the site by Monday morning -- another person who was not having it was Joseph Jackson, patriarch of the Jackson family, who reportedly shared sips from 'Ye's bottle of Hennessy earlier in the night. TMZ posted a statement from Jackson in which he said, "I don't know what he was doing, he jumped up on stage and snatched that microphone out of that poor girl's hand. They should blackball him out of show business for that. He just leapt up there, that was bad." Jackson said just minutes after he'd spoken to West and been introduced to the rapper's girlfriend, Amber Rose, Kanye jumped onstage and grabbed the mic from Swift.

From [article id="1621458"]fans[/article] to Kelly Clarkson, [article id="1621416"]Katy Perry, Pink and Paramore's Hayley Williams[/article], reaction to the stunt was universally negative. "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert, rarely one to criticize anyone, also tweeted about it, writing, "Kanye needs to chill. He freaks out every year. It ain't that deep man."

And while Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz -- who also was reportedly pictured sharing 'Ye's Hennessy bottle -- did not put the rapper on blast, he did tweet props to Taylor, writing, "Glad #teamtaylor had her chance to have her moment." That sentiment was shared by John Mayer, who added, "Big love to my girl @taylorswift13. A class act."

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards might have wrapped, but the party is far from over. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes updates, party reports and much more.

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