Quentin Miller On Meek Mill Using His Vocals For Drake Dis: 'I Thought It Was Corny'

He addresses the use of his reference track on Meek's 'Wanna Know'

When, after a few days of waiting and two Drake dis tracks, Meek Mill finally dropped a response of his own, it was billed as a team effort: "Wanna Know," Meek Mill featuring Quentin Miller.

Miller, of course, was a central figure in the feud between the two rappers, which began in earnest when Meek accused Drake of having a ghostwriter; that ghostwriter, according to reports and leaked reference tracks, was Miller. "Wanna Know" included one of those tracks, a snippet of Miller rapping "Know Yourself," a favorite from Aubrey's If You're Reading This It's Too Late. But Quentin wasn't on board.

"They shouldn't have had those references; they got those references from angles that I didn't expect them to get it from," he told DJ Vlad. "I don't have [Meek's] number. I don't talk to that man. It was pretty snaky the way they got it."

He continued, "I thought it was corny. I just thought the whole thing was corny. Who gives a shit? Who cares? Make your music, bruh. Make your music, bruh. That album was fire. The Dreams Worth More Than Money, that shit was fire. Keep doing your own thing. Who gives a shit, bruh? I don't understand -- why be concerned about someone else? But that's just my opinion."