50 Cent Says Uptempo 'Black Magic' LP Is 'Still Hip-Hop'

'It's still 50 Cent content; it's just written in a different way,' he tells U.K. DJ Tim Westwood.

Earlier this week, an overseas interview with [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] hit the Web in which he said his [article id="1633941"]upcoming LP, Black Magic,[/article] would have a different feel.

"I went to a nightclub afterparty," 50 told reporter Jonas Pettersen. "It's a little different music going on before I got there. They play your music when you come. But the music they played before they started playing a lot of what I created was more uptempo, more dance. I wanted to make a song like that. So I went into the studio. Because I'm traveling with my live band, I took my band with me and sequenced it and recorded the actual record while I was out there. I did two other songs I had production for. I had been writing those songs for a while. So I finished them and recorded them while I was out."

The G-Unit General is leaning toward dance music? Fif says not so fast. He clarified his creative direction when he called into U.K. DJ Tim Westwood's show the other day.

"I got a joint that I did that was real uptempo," 50 told Westwood. "It's a different type of vibe. It's still 50 Cent. It's official. If you heard the record, you'd feel different. My Black Magic album, I've been listening to different types of music. I just wanna create something that's outta the box. I'm using different song formats. I'll write a rap song in the sequence of a different kind of record. A traditional hip-hop record may have three 16-bar verses. To write it in a different formant instead of the way a traditional rap record is written, to experiment with different things, it's still hip-hop music. It's still 50 Cent content; it's just written in a different way."

[article id="1632610"]50 also talked about getting sued[/article] for posting a sex tape of one of the mothers of Rick Ross' children online.

"That wasn't me; that was Pimpin' Curly," 50 said of his comedic alter ego. "When a person tries to say, 'You've done something that's created mental harm to them in some way,' then they might wanna consider the recordings of Rick Ross saying she's an actual call girl. Or the pamphlets I'm showing you in the actual tape that's saying she's available. How distraught is she? They think I bought the tape. I didn't even buy it."