13 Places I Put Drake Using This Awesome 'Views From The 6' Cover Creator

Many, many views

On his Views from the 6 album cover, Drake is sitting — comfortably, it looks — atop Toronto's CN Tower. It seemed inconceivable that Drake was actually sitting freely on this side of what was formerly the world's tallest freestanding structure, since it's kinda dangerous and whatnot, but hey, he's Drake, so who knows?

Sadly, it turned out that the image was indeed the work of Photoshop.

Upon the cover's release, fans immediately flocked to do some photoshopping of their own, and the cover inspired some predictably fantastic memes. Now though, thanks to, all the work is done for you: All you have to do is upload an image, then you can plop Drake wherever you want.

I got hooked.

Views From Nicki's Foot

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drake views nicki

Views From She Said Yes!

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Views From This Baby's Head

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drake views baby

Views From Drake's Arm

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drake views drake

Views From Drake's Roommate Odell's Legendary Catch

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drake views odell catch

Views From This Is Actually Why They Call Him Chaining Tatum

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drake views channing tatum

Views From A Dog's Tongue a.k.a. Water Slide

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drake views dog tongue

Views From A Burger I'd Like To Be Eating

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drake views burger

Views From The Old Drake

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Views From 16th Century Explorer Sir Francis Drake

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Views From You Got This Baby Elephant

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Views From This Serene Waterfall

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drake views waterfall

Views From This Extremely Hot Volcano Eruption

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drake views volcano