'Harry Potter' Gets Pixilated, Mark Wahlberg Gets Huge In Today's Dailies

For his latest magic trick, Harry Potter has turned himself into an 8-bit wonder of the world! Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg's doing the exact opposite of the Boy Who Lived, molding himself after the Greek gods for Michael Bay's next flick.

Find out more about both those items plus some "Ender's Game" and Adam Sandler news in today's edition of the Dailies!

» Starting with that "Ted" trailer, Mark Wahlberg's been having a very big week. No, seriously, look at him below hanging on the "Pain and Gain" set... he's huge! [/Film]

» Be still my aching heart: Adam Sandler is remaking Mark Harmon's classic "Summer School." They better not skimp out on the horror scene! [THR]

» Behold: the weirdest (worst?) thing to ever happen to "Star Wars." Thanks (?) to Topless Robot.

» The "Ender's Game" production blog is very slowly giving us a look at the set. At this rate, we should have a hallway by Christmas.

Ender's Game

» Last, but certainly not least: "Harry Potter," "300" and more get the 8-bit treatment in awesome new posters seen over at Collider.

Josh Wigler and Kevin P. Sullivan contributed to this story.

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