The Best Of Snooki & JWOWW: Miami Edition

The ladies visited Florida for Nicole's Bachelorette Weekend, but they certainly weren't strangers to the Sunshine State.

When you're headed to Florida at age 11, it's to visit the Magic Kingdom. When you're headed to Florida as a twentysomething bride-to-be, it's to spend one last weekend as a single lady dancing "like an assh***" at your preferred Miami haunts.

On tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW" episode, Nicole and her BFF Jenni returned to the electric South Beach, where they filmed the second season of "Jersey Shore" in 2010; upon arriving at Ocean's 10, they were immediately reminded of their days of youthful partying. "I'm just having flashback memories of me drinking, going crazy and being, like, a fat, drunken slob," Nicole reminisced. "And I'm like, This is great, 'cause it's gonna happen again."

And you know what? After boogieing with baby masks, falling asleep on a patio chair and getting a lap dance from the trip's proud mascot Joey, it's safe to say she succeeded.

Still, we were left craving more Miami nostalgia, so we sorted through our archives and dug up some of our favorite S&J Floridian hits. Look back at the girls as temporary Southerners below, and be sure to watch the FINAL EPISODE (EVER!) of "Snooki & JWOWW" next Wednesday night at 10/9c!

Snooki & JWOWW sterilize the Smush Room

When Nicole invited a gentleman caller to come visit, she and Jenni decided to suit up and disinfect the Smush Room in preparation. Hopefully those Hazmat suits stood up to the task...

JWOWW and Sammi Go Rounds

When Sammi copped an attitude with Jenni out of nowhere, JWOWW's aggressive side came out -- and she and the "Sweetheart" went at it.

Snooki & JWOWW have a night on the town

Everyone gets blue once in awhile, and when JWOWW saw her pal Snooki struggling to get out of the dumps, she proposed the perfect remedy: hitting up Miami's NYC-esque, up-all-night club. Suppose Stefon heard of it?

JWOWW consoles Snooki

Breakups are the worst, but at least these girls had tropical weather and palm trees as the backdrop to Nicole's untimely split with her boyfriend.

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