Run The Jewels Are Almost Ready To Start On 'Meow The Jewels'

Get ready for the cats.

You would think after Run the Jewels delivered one of the most critically acclaimed rap albums of 2014, they'd give themselves a little rest to start the New Year. But that would be wrong.

They've got a new mission, after all: Meow the Jewels.

And on Tuesday, El-P, who, along with Killer Mike, makes up the duo, confirmed that they'll start working on that spinoff project in January.

For the uninitiated, Meow the Jewels started off as a joke, and then became very, very real.

“I was sitting at a table and I was just joking around and I just decided, on the spur of the moment, to come up with a bunch of obviously completely ridiculous and joke pre-order options, one of which was, that for $40,000, we will remix the record using nothing but cat sounds and call it Meow the Jewels,” El-P said back in October.

Turns out it wasn't all that ridiculous. The goal was met -- and then some -- to be donated to charity.

Plus, producers like Just Blaze and Alchemist have signed on.

Check out El-P auditioning some cats below.