Kid Cudi Cosigns Lissie's 'Pursuit Of Happiness' Cover

You'll be fine, once you hear it. You'll be good.

Remember back in 2010 when folk singer Lissie put her terrific spin on Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness" and it was wonderful, cross-genre fun for all? You know, the one that was so epic that ScHoolboy Q sampled it for his own song "Hands On The Wheel"?

Well, the cover got so big that Cudi got wind of itsomehow— and he hopped up on stage during the singer's show in Paris last night to show his approval.

The newly blondified Cudi initially seemed to prefer basking in Lissie's badass glow rather than join in on tackling singing duties, but after being overtaken by the performance of this modern-day "Janis Joplin" (as he calls her), the artist alternatively known as Scott Mescudi decided to grab the mic and vibe out.

It's all just very charming and cool and musical and really, what's better on a Sunday afternoon, eh?

For those of you out there who've yet to hear Lissie's original take on the tune from 2010 (and what's wrong with you that you haven't?), we've also included that below because, you know what? We're not afraid to be servicey here, folks. The more you know the more you enjoy.

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