Every WTF 'Empire' Cameo From Season 1-- Ranked

Naomi Campbell, Raven Symone, Rita Ora ... who <i>hasn't</i> been on this show?

When it comes down to it, Lucious and Cookie are who I care about the most. (OK, mostly Cookie.) But one of the greatest gifts "Empire" has given fans -- besides "Drip Drop" -- is a non-stop parade of awesome, weird and WTF guest stars over the course of season one.

By Wednesday night's batsh-t two-hour finale, you could just tell that agents all across Hollywood were scrambling to get their clients booked on what's without a doubt the hottest, craziest drama on TV right now.

So what were season one's best cameos?

Courtney Love

Yes, she was basically playing herself, but the Hole singer was harrowingly dead-on as burnt-out former diva Elle Dallas, trying to stay clean and revive her career thanks to some help from super fan Cookie.

Raven Symoné

Chuck Hodes/FOX


One of the greatest WTF moments was when the former Cosby/Disney kid showed up as Olivia, claiming her daughter was conceived with Lucious' gay son, Jamal. We DID NOT see that coming. And... really Lucious?

Naomi Campbell



Campbell was a frequent (now exiled) visitor to the Lyon's Den as Hakeem's scheming British girlfriend, fashion designer Camilla Marks.


MTV's own Sway Calloway had (almost) all the answers when he asked not-yet-out Jamal if he had a "special lady" in his life.


British songbird Estelle scored a top 5 hit with the Jussie Smollett duet "Conqueror" in her role as... British songbird Delpine. Again, playing yourself, but not, on "Empire" is a thing.

Judd Nelson



"Breakfast Club" alum Nelson was perfect in a multi-episode arc as Lucious' sleazy former boss, Billy Beretti. You couldn't ignore him (or his oily hair) if you tried.

Mary J. Blige



Queen Mary popped up as singer Angie in the "Sins of the Father" episode to duet with Lucious on her song "Shake Down." Consider the set blessed now.

Jennifer Hudson

Chuck Hodes/FOX


The singer showed up near season's end as a music therapist Michelle, who got thisclose to bipolar Lyon CEO-in-waiting Andre. And of course she killed Lucious' "Whatever Makes You Happy" in the finale.

Snoop Dogg

In the Wednesday finale, Snoop dropped in to give the Lyon clan a sneak peek at the old-school Pharrell-produced funk tune "Peaches and Cream." Because it ain't a party until Snoop gets some.

Rita Ora

On the finale, Ora performed "NY Raining" with rapper Charles Hamilton at the grand piano as Cookie got an urgent text summoning her to Lucious' office.

Juicy J

In an episode with enough triple-crosses and backstabbing to fuel three Shakespeare plays, the Oscar-winning Three 6 Mafia rapper amped up the drama with his brief spot alongside Hudson during the Lucious Lyon Sound concert.

Cuba Gooding Jr.



When Cookie needed some songwriting help, she tracked down Gooding's Puma, living under the radar on a horse farm as Dwayne. You know he won an Oscar, right?

Anthony Hamilton

Chuck Hodes/FOX


The smooth-as-silk R&B crooner just happened to be performing "The Point of It All" on piano when Lucius proposed to Anika. Just, you know, in the background like he does all the time in people's apartments.

Gladys Knight

Matt Dinerstein/FOX


R&B icon Knight played herself during a scene were she sang at Bunkie's funeral.

Jim Beanz

Producer Beanz (James Washington) has shown up a couple of times as rapper Titan, who Lucious was determined to steal away from Safe House Records. The real secret, though, is that Beanz was the show's main lyricist and songwriter.