Ariana Grande Covers A$AP Rocky's 'F--kin' Problems,' Drops Adorable F-Bombs

The VMA performer gives A$AP Rocky's hit a Broadway f---in' makeover on 'Total Ariana Live'!

In case you were wondering if it's possible for Ariana Grande to be impossibly adorable at all times: Yes, yes it is. Take, for instance, her ability to drop multiple F-bombs while upping the cute barometer by channeling A$AP Rocky and Barbra Streisand... AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.

During "Total Ariana Live," host Sway challenged the "Break Free" singer to a round of "Hip-Hop Mix-up," which is like a hip-hop roulette game that involved Ariana randomly spinning two wheels, landing on a hip-hop song, and a musical style to sing in. Her job? Mix it up.

Leave it to Ari to game the system (again, in all her adorableness). She manipulated spun the wheels and the first wheel landed on "Broadway" for singing style ("Oh, it landed on Broadway," she said with mock surprise). For her second spin, she got A$AP Rocky's "F--kin' Problems." "There, I spun it. It landed where I wanted," she coyly said.

Then Ari proceeded to NAIL the flow (in a rendition that might make Babs proud), in all its F-bomb glory. Quick, someone write a Broadway play around her rendition! Because we'd definitely f---ing watch.

For the second part of the game, Sway told Ariana Grande she could invite someone else to play, so she asked her friend Tyler to step up to the wheel. Again, there was some "careful coordination" of the game piece. Tyler (and Ari) chose randomly landed on Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie," Tyler, in the role he was clearly born to play, did it Valley Girl style. Adorableness ensued, and now all we can do is pray Ariana opts for a hip-hop show tune F-bomb mashup when she performs "Break Free" live at the 2014 VMAs.

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