One Direction Ask The Age-Old Question: 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go?'

These guys are on a mission!

One Direction are on a mission: to mend a broken heart.

Just a week before their album FOUR is released on November 17, the boys gifted their song "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" to all those Directioners who pre-ordered the album.

The track, which is in the running for the title of My Favorite New 1D Song, has an uptempo, arena-rock vibe that should get fans on their feet when the On the Road Again Tour kicks off next year.

Zayn, Niall, Louis Liam and Harry, who share co-writing credit on the song, harmonize perfectly. Each goes on to sing about the moment you realize you let the one you love get away -- and the lengths you go to find them again.

While the album may have leaked early, 1D have something special planned for those who decided to wait: they'll release five songs -- one a day-- before FOUR's official release.

But fans are currently in tears (in a good way), listening to "Broken Hearts" on repeat.

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