Sammi Sweetheart's Sexiest Bed Selfies

The 'Jersey Shore' alum has been snapping some sultry shots.

Step aside, Kim Kardashian -- there's a new selfie queen in town, and her name is Sammi Sweetheart.

The "Jersey" gal is no stranger to posting photographs of herself -- look no further than her Instagram account for a plethora of sultry images -- but she's recently taken it up a notch. Forget the usual selfies, snapped in a car or in front of tourist attractions: The MTV star has taken a special liking to taking pics from the comfort of her bed. And whether her long locks are flowing on her pillow or swept up -- or if she’s sporting cosmetics or going make-up free -- our girl always looks F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S.

Here are six of Sammi's most alluring selfies -- all taken from the sheets:

1. Natural beauty

Sammi Sweetheart's Instagram


Sammi went fresh-faced for this snapshot, and we think she's never looked more lovely.

2. Seductive pose

Sammi Sweetheart's Instagram


She posted a simple alien emoji with this photo, but after a glimpse at her hazel beauties and subtle grin, we'd have captioned it, "Come hither. NOW."

3. Killer ensemble

Sammi Sweetheart's Instagram


Sammi was clearly ready for a night out on the town -- perhaps in Seaside Heights. Karma, anyone?

4. Off to Dreamland

Sammi Sweetheart's Instagram


Looks like Sammi was about to drift off for some zzz's, or maybe she'd just awakened from a peaceful slumber.

5. The perfect smize

Sammi Sweetheart's Instagram


She's definitely been taking notes from Tyra Banks, aka the master of smiling-with-your-eyes.

6. Three syllables: Va Va Voom

Sammi Sweetheart's Instagram


Three more: THAT TOP THO.

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